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Personal Training

Exciting, electrifying and engaging fun—that’s what our workouts are known for.  It’s where you build camaraderie and new friendships with people who have similar goals, passions and enthusiasm. Get moving and sign up for a session today.


One on One

CZ Fitness provides one on one personalized training sessions.  Each session is personalized to your needs.  These sessions can include traditional weight training sessions, functional training, stretching, and so much more.  Session pricing will vary from trainer to trainer.   The price to train with Pete or Apple is the following:  


  • 1 session a week $75 each

  • 2 sessions  a week $70 each

  • 3 sessions a week $65 each

  • 4 + sessions a week $60 each

* prices based on a month commitment.


Group Training

CZ Fitness offers three different group classes.  The first one is just for women and the second one is for the men.  Each group meets twice a week once for upper body and once for lower body.   The third class is an outdoors bootcamp style class.   All groups are open to all level of fitness and offer a combination of resistance training and functional training. 

  • Saturday boot camps are  $15 a session.

  • Week day group workouts are $15 a a session.  


Virtual Training

CZ Fitness offers virtual personal training.  This option is a great option for those that travel.  It is a great way to take your professional trainer with you on your vacation and work trips.  If you don't want to take us with you virtually we have an ap we can set up to write you personal programs you can do on your own. 

  • Zoom workouts same cost as in person workouts. 

  • MYPTHUB workouts  monitored $75 a month.  Un monitored $25 a month. 


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