Are you intimated by all the different pieces of equipment at the gym? Or are you over all the people fighting for the equipment in your gym?  At CZ Fitness we have the tools, experience, and expertise to lead all levels of people in their fitness goals.   We offer one on one sessions, personalized to your levels and needs.  We offer small group classes designed for all levels of fitness and outdoor bootcamps that are family friendly.   


CZ offers personalized nutrition guidance. Whether you want to lose 30 pounds or 10 pounds, even put on some size we will help guide you in the right direction. When you come in for your first consultation, we will review your goals, discuss what brought you in to CZ fitness, and what we can do to help you achieve these goals.


Pete and Apple have been training and coaching physique athletes for 20 years.  When you hire them as your coaches you will receive personalized attention with coaches who are pioneers for the coaching protocols practiced across the north west.  They have successfully coached 100’s of accomplished athletes.  CZ Fitness provides, posing coaching for all divisions, routine choreography, personalized nutrition plans up to and through the show, and back stage coaching.   Please contact us at  for more information on prices and packages.      

Patricia B. LMT has over 20+ years practicing Medical / Physiotherapy style massage.  She is passionately committed, and innovative in creating both long-term and recovery solutions  for her clients.  

You can contact her by text @  425.392.4700   or e-mail